All of our products mentioned hereinafter are not for any use of diagnostic/
therapeutic purpose, but for research use only.


Multi Insert Dish 100Ø

SPL Life Sciences has released the new Multi Insert Dish 100Ø with three culture inserts assembled in one single dish. Multi Insert Dish 100Ø is designed to study intercellular or inter-tissue interactions of more than two different cell or tissue species, successfully applicable to researches in biosystem mimicking in vivo condition.  Multi Insert Dish 100Ø provides more wider growth area than Multi Insert Dish(Cat. No. 911607)

There are two types of dish available to choose depending on the intended use of the researchers.

  • ▪ Mesh material: Nylon
    ▪ Mesh thickness: 10 ~ 23 μm
    ▪ Mesh pore size: 23 µm
    ▪ Non-treated (Cat. No. 911107)
    ▪ Surface-treated (Cat. No. 911117)
Cat. No. Material
(Body / Mesh)
Dish Style
d x h (mm)
Growth Area per
Insert (cm²)
Volume (ml)
Groove Bottom External Grip Sterile Surface
911107 PS / Nylon 104.4 x 37.05 4.52 20.00 + + + - 5/10
911117 PS / Nylon 104.4 x 37.05 4.52 20.00 + + + + 5/10